My Services:

  1. Setting up and developing a microfinance agency or particular branch. (Business management.)

  2. Marketing for microfinance agencies. (Commercial strategy.)

  3. Monitoring of the commercial objectives in terms of volume of disbursements and quality of the portfolio.

  4. Microfinance client service delivery.

  5. Social media strategies for microfinance agencies to increase web traffic, buzz monitoring and blogger outreach. (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and analytical toosl to measure website traffic – Google Analytics.)

  6. Implementation of media strategies: Full editorial responsibility experience for planning, directing and coordinating the development and production of a website, newspaper and radio program, including all aspects of editorial content, grammar and style in different platforms, as well as, the evaluation and implementation of media strategies to increase audiences in targeting.

  7. Building a partner network within the country or specific area.

  8. Staff training in credit request and management: Training, coaching and supervision of the credit officers, client assistants and the branch management staff (financial analysis skills)

  9. Business management training for uneducated creditors.

  10. Back office operations such as designing and implementing processes and procedures. (Training & Capacity Building)

  11. On-field due diligence audit and process review.

  12. Implementation of new risk assessment and fraud management tools.

  13. Entrepreneurship courses.

  14. Business management training for SME's.

  15. Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies.

I have strong quantitative and analytical skills and the ability to simultaneously manage complex projects in different parts of the world. I can coordinate the work of various units, departments or branches within a region. I have the capacity to oversee the substantive, administrative and financial aspects of multiple microfinance projects. I conduct short- term technical assistance missions anywhere in the world, focusing on microfinance, SME lending, and rural finance institutions, as well as cooperatives and credit unions.

For all financial inclusion related matters; contact ME!